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Lectron H Series Carburetor Kit

$475.00 USD + Shipping

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90-16 KTM/HUSQ 250-380cc

17+ KTM/HUSQ 250/300cc

BETA 250/300RR/Race Edition




Lectron carburetors will provide you with more power, better fuel economy and smoother power delivery guaranteed. In addition to those benefits Lectron's jetless technology gives the carburetor the ability to compensate for altitude and temperature changes automatically eliminating the need to re-jet and making it a must for winter riding. Lectron carburetors are available for almost any bike however we only have listed here the most common models that we sell. If you do not see your bike listed please Contact Us by email and we will provide you with the availability and pricing for your bike.

Most carburetor kits are $475.00 however some bikes require additional parts and carbs are built specific for your bikes setup and riding style. We will contact you for additional bike details after your order is placed.